13 Strong B2C Marketing Ideas You Can Show Your Boss

13 Strong B2C Marketing Ideas You Can Show Your Boss

Perhaps you have a boss, perhaps you are your own boss in a business. Whichever shoe fits, the business needs to get in front of as much audiences as possible so that it can make sales and maximize profits.

After-all it is sales that bring revenue and revenue that pays the bills and everyone else. Whether or not you are in the sales and marketing team these tips if you suggest them amy help you score points and impress your boss.

Here are 13 Strong B2C marketing ideas you can show your boss. You may have thought of or come across some of them but it wont hurt to read the article as you  may pick one or two that work for you.

Here are the marketing ideas


1. Be Around Anchor Businesses

Place your business premises close to other businesses, preferrably related. However sometimes they do not even have to be related. If you place your business in a mall, people who may have primarily come to buy from another shop which does not provide the type of service you provide may end up inquiring pricing in yours.

Anchor Shops

It is expensive to rent in a mall or any central business space but it’s lucrative in the long run. A B2C (Business to Consumer) company cannot afford to be far from the public eye.

2. Sell Anchor Services

Sell airtime or electricity (phone credit). Sometimes people get used to knowing that you provide other products or services because they conveniently see it whilst buying airtime from you. It is a good ancor business.

3. Brand frequently re-usable objects

Brand keyholders and give them to customers. Subconsciously they will always see your logo when they lock or unlock their door. As we all know the battle is to stay in the mind of the client. You can also do this with any other objects such as plastic cups or carrier bags.

4. Sponsor a reputable youtuber or influencer

Influencer marketing is big and is yet to grow bigger if you can contact and negotiate a deal with a Youtuber who gets a lot of traffic do it. This can even be cheaper than buying the Google ads themselves if the advert is embedded into his content.

People who download it offline will still see your advert.

5. Get attractive people to wear your t-shirts

If anyone male or female, perhaps a model looks like someone the opposite sex gazes at as they walk by. You better find ways to get them wearing a t-shirt with your brand name.

You can even hold a contest on Facebook where people vote for the person with the best looks and the winner gets a t-shirt with your brand name on it. That way you don’t really need to pay them to wear it. They wear it because they won it.

6. Brand Your Packaging

Again, as someone comes from buying from you they market your logo without even realizing it to other people. Imagine if KFC did not have the logo on their brown bags.

How ould you guess that someone had just bought from them. Remember people being able to see that others are buying is social proof.

7. Capture attention with dance

Hold a dance contest and make sure that contestants dance with your banner in the background. The videos generated there will go viral for years. If you have been on whatsapp for a while you will notiuce that most viral videos are of dance.

There is no language barrier with that medium.

8. Invest in online advertising

Whether we are talking of Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. The average consumer is consistently online especially on social media via their mobile devices. In fact target your ads to mobile users in the location where your business is.

9. Add your business to “Google My Business”

This will help you show up if a new person in that city searches for businesses that sell what you sell. Nowadays people do not trust directions from strangers because of high crime incidence so they would rather google stuff. 

10. Provide free but limited WiFi 

Get tech experts to set up WiFi for people that get into the radiuys of your business. The catch is that they give up their emails or numbers to authenticate the free 50megabites.

You can then use the sign up information to perfect your marketing or communicate with them when there is a big sale.

11. Brand public transport

If your target is the public it’s always a good idea to have your advertisements on things they look at. You can have branding on buses, trains or commuter omnibuses.

Perhaps even on planes if you are maketing to birds.

12. Brand a resource that benefits the community

MTN did this great idea in South Africa by building MTN Ranks. Now as long as you live in Johannesburg you cannot spend the word without hearing the word MTN even if you do not actually commute.


13. Give one part of your business for free and charge for another. – Freemium Model

Again MTN as a mobile network gives people free sim cards all the time, whetehr it is people hopping off a train or simply people who are coming into South Africa from Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries. However what they know is the sim cards will still need to run on airtime.

To wrap it up

All the ideas given inthis article require further reading and study. Some require more research than others whilst others may be implementable later on. My hope is that this article has been of great service to you.

Hopefully your boss will take one or two of these ideas. If you are interested in Video Marketing services please feel free to click our services page to view the options that are available or get in touch with me by clicking the whatsapp widget at the bottom of your screen.

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