We understand that distributing the stories we help you create may be tiresome, thus we have created collaborations with various Youtube, Facebook and Twitter influencers who will repost your videos on their platforms.

Michael Mupotaringa
Founder of unthinQ

We will script, voice animate your concept. Our prices start from

Basic : R900/min of footage (US$70)

(Note that prices may be modified by complexity of animation, fill in the form below)

  •  Explainer Video
  •  Animated Presentation
  • Animated Company profile
  • Birthday /Wedding Invitation
  • Music Video
  • Short Film / Comedy Skit
  • Create Tutorials

We offer copy writing services.


  • Articles for your company blog. ($40 for 10)
  • Song writing ($30 lyrics)
  • Proposal writing
  • Copy writing ($10)
  • Script writing


We also sell design services.
  • Logo design
  • Book Cover design
  • Album Art Design
  • Banner Adverts
  • T-shirt Label Designs
  • Digital Paintings & illustrations
  • Character design
  • Comic Strips


With creative work every brand has different needs, which may require different amounts of investment. Thus a fixed price (apart from basic) may be unfair or insufficient. Please take time to answer a few questions below about the type of service you want so we can price. The clearer your description the better .

Find out how much it will cost you by filling the form below.

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You  can view our animation abilities through the work below…

[yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PLzEq7yY2FPJRj_29HT-2VRPIGJ6jNQJOE” ]