Share These 7 Restaurant Marketing Concepts For Growth With Owners
Comedian performing in a restaurant

Share These 7 Restaurant Marketing Concepts For Growth With Owners

No matter how well your restaurant or food outlet is run, as a progressive entrepreneur or restaurant manager you are always looking for surefire ways to attract and retain customers.

Thus you always read new articles on marketing your restaurant hoping you come across a new idea you had not come across or to improve current strategy. You are always looking for growth and effective marketing concepts and strategies.

The following articles will give you a mix of new ideas, old ideas , obvious ideas and ideas you may not have thought of.

1. Get On Google My Business 

It is a no-brainer that the average mobile phone user uses Google in one form or the other.

It is also a no brainer that  Google prioritizes traffic to its own apps in terms of searchability. Nowadays people are more individualistic and hate asking for directions thus they google things like, “Restaurants in Pretoria… (or any place)” 

Even if your location doesn’t take the top spot, it just being listed in that free directory increases your chances of being noticed by new customers. The app allows you to even add pictures of your place and at base level it is free though as you gain more confidence in it you may pay for further marketing services around it. 

If you are in this business for the longhaul you cannot ignore something as effective as anything that recommends businesses by location. You can sign up via this link.

2.  Make People Want To Take Pictures in Your Restaurant 

Whilst this one may seem obvious, it is surprising how many restaurants or small food outlets tend to overlook the marketing impact of aesthetics.

Me and Trae Yung at Book Cafe

People like to look like they go to nice places and eat good food. So the better you present the food and the environment the more selfies that end up on Instagram from clients with the name of your location tagged.

This ultimately markets your restaurant to their social media friends.

3. Promote Local Bands, Musicians, Comedians and Poets

Allow creatives in the area a space in your restaurant to entertain guests. Perhaps not daily but on a given day. 

Comedian performing in a restaurant

Firstly they will invite people to come and watch them perform. Some of the people may not buy the food but again they are getting exposed to the environment of your restaurant and getting to take pictures. This also establishes your venue not only as place they can eat in but also:

i) A place they can be entertained in.

ii) A place that’s helping develop community talent.

A major question you should ask yourself as a business person is. If I close or move out of this community, will I be missed.

Artist marketing material such as fliers and posters will contain your name  and location and be spread around to people who will get to know about you more. Over-all the artistes Youtube videos and instagram photos will also contain your location.

Imagine if you gave a space to a person who makes instant drawings at the corner of your restaurant, which would attract people who want drawings from him/her and ultimately when they saw it on their walls they would remember where it was done.

4.  Approach Workers and Companies in Your Viscinity

Some workers do not bring packed lunch and prefer to eat food they buy at work. You can easily create a special discounted program for a certain company and be paid once off at the end of the month  or in advance for meals they would have had.

Since people may prefer to change meal plans daily. Sit with your team to plan and imp-lement a voucer system where someone can redeem food which costs a certain amount.

This can be very convenient to some, plus it gives them more reason to not try out competitors.

5. Establish Yourself As A Food Expert

Teaching people how to cook certain recipes will not take away from your business. Basically we all know that most people can cook yet it has never detered them from eating in food outlets.

You can create a simple e-book with 30 recipes and have your branding all over it. Everytime a person uses it to cook at home they are subliminally exposed to your logos and address which you put neatly in the header or footer.

You can get a free ebook template via this link. 

Depending on whether your strength is is writing or video presentation, you can go further as having a cookery or food Vlog. Have an isntagram account with “food porn” as they call it.

You need to be trusted as the first name in town when it comes to food.

6.  Influencers do matter

If you often read materials on marketing you have probably heard a lot about influencer  marketing but perhaps you took it for granted. However there is a good amount of research which proves that it’s the way to go.

Think about it, people have limited money, one choice to make out of many. People consistently want to be sure that they are making the right purchases with the money they have. That is why they read blogs to look for curated lists and reviews.

However we also know that people listen to people of influence better than others, so if you can find subtle ways to have someone who influences your target market to want to visit your restaurant. Reasearch how it’s done and proceed.

If you are skeptical about influencers, create discount codes or a verifiable mechanisms whereby people can get meals at a certain price if they were referred by a certain influencer. You can also track hw many web visits came to your platforms via his/her link.

this will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the concept.

7. Give Good Services

Marketing is not sending oput fliers and putting out advertisements. It is in fact everything you do to get and retain customers.

If possible invest in training stuff to handle conflicts with clients, emotional intelligence and good service delivery.

Also allow customers to review your service and act on the feedback.

In Conclusion:

There are many ways to market a business, but the trick is not to read the many ways without ever trying even just 3. A combination of all these strategies would be great as well. I think 1, 2 and 7 are a must if you are ever to make an impression.

the rest will further your marketing efforts.

Please share this article with decision makers in your business and do not forget to look at our websites for video marketing services we offer.



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