Stop Struggling With Social Media Marketing and Do These Things

Stop Struggling With Social Media Marketing and Do These Things

You have a brilliant idea that you want to promote to the world. Perhaps it is your events company, consultancy business, clothing shop or music. You’ve heard that if you get online and advertise your business the masses will respond.

However sometimes you have to tag and beg people just to get a few likes and shares but you wish they would do it on their own. After-all effortless engagement definitely shows more interest.

I know how it feels because I’ve been there before. It is so daunting and it always seems as if nothing works. Luckily through experience and mentorship I found out some helpful tips and strategies which I will share with you freely in this article.

Hie, I’m Mcpotar, a rising info-preneur and information altruist. In this post  I will present the trio-logy of actionable steps one can take immediately to get enhanced social media results.

These are principles I have observed through failure and success in my own social media strategy. I do not usually believe in giving people 33 steps to something because it’s hard enough for people to even take action on one step they are given around a particular subject.

I know a lot of people that have read The Richest Man in Babylon but still fail to do the one instruction given in the story, “Save 10% of what you earn.”

That said let’s get on with it.

The 3 Principles of  Effetive Social Media Marketing

Here they are

1.Capture Attention

2. Nurture Engagement

3. Evoke Action

C.N.E for those who like acronyms

If you already understand by just the listing of those 3 you may totally click the back button and take action immediately but if you need more context allow me to walk you through the hows and whys of the principles listed. The 3 principles have to work in sequel.

1. Capture Attention – Get them to notice

We live in an attention economy where there are a lot of different things that require one’s attention, some of which are beyond social media. There are real life things people have to attend to throughout their day which is made up of limited time.

Get their attention

In order to effectively enhance our approach at marketing on social media we must harness the attention of our prospective clients, fans, supporters or customers with an end goal tied.

It is easy for anyone to capture attention but if the attention is married to an end goal it’s as good as a loud clanking noise from a fallen pot lid which may cause people to look in its direction but as soon as they see that it’s just a lid they carry on with whatever they were doing.

Well to be fair even pick-pockets with an end goal of stealing your wallet might use the pot-lid sound to distract you whilst they pick your pocket, but we are not talking about pick pockets are we? We genuinely hope you are reading this post for ethical business.

In general the attention you magnetize has to be retained, controlled and exploited. The deliberate preservation of that attention is what grows into engagement.

So let’s suppose you set a stall in the middle of a busy shopping centre and have dancers and music. That’s definitely going to capture a certain crowd’s attention as they are enticed by the dancers.

Online you could collaborate with artists to make a comedy sketch, a photo shoot or piece of artwork which attracts their attention. The end goal I will be to pitch what you need to pitch of course but for now let’s stick to getting the attention.

In order to appeal to a person’s attention, appeal to an interest they have even if they do not realize they have it. Do not hesitate to read up on psychological concepts.

2. Nurture Engagement – Capture The Heart and The Mind Will Follow

After obtaining attention from which ever strategy you have decided to focus on you need to retain the attention for long enough to evoke some emotions in the prospect.

Depending on the idea you are selling the emotion may be excitement, curiosity, anxiety, anger, sadness or happiness. Just make sure that the emotion is tied to the end goal.

Perhaps you are an activist who wants people to be angry at the government through an engaging documentary which illustrates their evil. Perhaps you are an Instagram vixen who sells whatever it is she sells by arousing certain feelings in men who pay for it.

Your end goal decides what that emotion is. The duration of retention depends on how long it takes for people to get those emotions.

You have probably been told many times that we are not very rational beings; we tend to make most of our decisions based on emotions. The emotions may be negative or positive but that’s the purpose of engagement.

Capture the heart and the mind will follow. – See people make emotional decisions all the time then isolate the facts that support those decisions to give logical reasons as to why they chose those decisions. Scary!

Another purpose of engagement is memory. One is more likely to remember a brand they engage with or interact with many times especially if there is dialogue as opposed to something that caught their attention but was not powerful enough to trigger them to engage with it.

Build engagement and in the process make sure the methods you use to build that engagement create the right mental associations which you prefer people to think about your brand. Strong impressions last.

3. Evoke Action – Go for the jugular

We don’t mean in this sense!

Now after all is said and done, you can now start pitching whatever idea or product you are selling. It makes the whole process purposeful

That’s the difference between someone who simply posts stolen jokes and memes for retweets and validation and a person who purposefully wants to lead people into buying a service, product or ideology. That said I understand purposeless popularity and validation may actually be an end goal.

Who’s to define what other people’s goals should be?

Perhaps the motive is to bring awareness to a certain cause that you want people to support. It can be religious belief, non-profit or for profit.

A dude who has managed to get a girls attention, managed to engage her in a conversation and make her laugh has to at some point ask for the number, so that he can make further engagements and possibly pitch and hook up with the girl.

It is the same in the subtle art of marketing. The pitching has to be executed whilst emotions are at their peak. That’s when it is most effective.

This does not at all mean that you should put a joke on Facebook and then as soon as people laugh, you bomb them with a link to your Avroy Shlain Skin Care products.

What this however means is if you continue to engage the prospects with strategic emotions eventually they will start to feel a certain way about the idea you are selling in general over time and thus will not be hard to convince to buy it.

They might also start buying from you because they now trust, respect or like you.

Final word : Here is my call to action

I am grateful if you read the entire article and since I am a perpetual student of life the dialogue on how to market better is very much open in the comments. I will reply them all.

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